Review: Polarion PF40 ‘Helios’ HID Searchlight for Tactical and Patrol Ops

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by David Crane
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DefenseReview recently got the chance to T&E the Polarion PF40 Helios High Intensity Discharge (HID) Searchlight / Flashlight for a couple weeks, and we came away very impressed with it. The light’s intensity/power is impressive. We actually took it to a local high school (including the field) and aimed/shined it everywhere we felt was relevant–into the school building/structure, into our parked car, accross the field, into the trees, etc.–from distances of approx. 15 ft. to approx. 150 yards, possibly even as far as 200 yards.

While we didn’t measure off the long distances, let’s just say the PF40’s intensity/power and beam focus allowed us to see whatever we aimed it at (or into) very clearly. When we aimed it inside the school building (through a door/window) from approx. 50-60 yards away, we could…

still see everything that was visible inside. When we shined it into our parked car from distances of 50-100 ft., we could see right into the car, everywhere we could put the light. During the football field portion of the test, we shined the light up into canopies at distances of approx. 50-150 yards away, and could look into them very easily.

The light’s weight seems right for it’s power level and purpose. The version we had for testing (PF40 in black), however, didn’t have the carry handle (PH40), so users will have to figure out which version they want (PH40 with carry handle or PF40 with no carry handle), as the way the light balances may be a factor for some. The light is activated and de-activated by turning the center ring. The battery charging/recharging procedure is simple, quick, and intuitive.

That said, we did have a problem with the light’s battery, which had a defect that Ken Good at Xousia Systems Group (XSG) assured us has been rectified. The problems began towards the end of our field test. The light went out on us. When we checked the charge on the battery (after removing it from the light, which is required), it showed that the battery still had juice left, but the light still wouldn’t go on when we put the battery back inside the light. We removed the battery again and recharged it, anyway. After placing it back in the light, it worked for a couple of minutes, and then stopped. We checked the battery’s charge again. It showed that it was completely charged. However, when we put the battery back inside the light, the light still wouldn’t work.

When we called Ken Good up (Xiousia Systems Group and Strategos International), he informed us that he was already aware of the problem, and that it had already been solved. We’ll have to take Mr. Good’s word on that. Since this is a brand new product made by a foreign company to meet an American tactical operator/instructor’s (Mr. Good’s) performance requirements, some teething problems are to be expected. However, since we haven’t yet received a new H1 Helios with a couple of new and improved batteries (we would need to test two brand new-in-the-box-never-been-charged batteries to be sure), we haven’t been able to verify the fix ourselves.

Assuming the aforementioned battery situation has indeed been solved–and there are no other hidden major problems/issues that we’re not aware of–we would highly recommend the H1 Helios for tactical operations and/or patrol use. The light’s performance is awesome.

Bottom line, the Polarion PF40 Helios HID Searchlight’s performance really impressed us. Assuming the battery is now good to go, this is the light we would choose if a highly-portable high-intensity (high-powered) searchlight is required for tactical ops or patrol.

Company Contact Info:

If you’d like more info on the Polarion PF40 or PH40 "Helios" HID Tactical Searchlights / Flashlights, you can contact Xousia Systems Group (Polarion Corporate) by phone at 503-489-5497, or toll free at 866-901-HIDS (4437). You can contact them by fax at 503-489-5134, or toll free (fax) at 866-210-9108.

Strategos International can be contacted by phone at 816-795-3768, or toll free at 888-LOW-LIGHT (888-569-5444). You can contact them by fax at 816-795-2753. Ask for Ken Good (Email: [email protected]) or Vaughn Baker (Email: [email protected]).

Review: Polarion PF40 ‘Helios’ HID Searchlight for Tactical and Patrol Ops by

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