Request for Charitable Donations for Rebuilding Efforts in Iraq

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The following is an email message that was forwarded to DefenseReview by one of our contacts.  It is a request by a Lt. Chenevert, MNSTC-I, 1st Mech BDE for charitable donations for the rebuilding of Iraq and international good will, so we are reprinting it:

"months down – 89 days to go.

Hi everyone,

I promised not to do this until the end of my tour, so here goes…I would like friends and family to send gifts to the Iraqis.  I appreciate all of your nice letters and photos sent to me over the last nine months.  What I am looking for now are gifts to the Iraqis.  The lists below are broken down into two categories.  The tactical gifts are for the Iraqi soldiers and the civilian gifts are for their families and for us soldiers to hand out while on patrols.  All of these gifts are sizable, but the Iraqi soldiers remarked to me that they would…

give up 100 cheap pencils for one nice mechanical pencil.  They also like gifts with Amercian symbols.  They really appreciate gifts that will last for a long time so that they can remember us by.

There is a chance that you can find free shipping/boxes/material from the US Postal Service by
calling 1-800-610-8734.  Spread the word.  Pass this email on to friends or your local church organizers.
Whomever and wherever.  Generosity will be greatly appreciated.
1LT Chenevert
MNSTC-I, 1st Mech BDE
APO AE 09378
Gift suggestions:

Tactical Gifts:

*  Flashlights (any size, but the little clip-on LED

lights for around $15 are the best).

*  Snap links or Carabiners.

*  Ski Masks; black or tan; thin for the heat.

*  Handcuffs; cheap; include keys.

*  Knives; nothing over $20 or they will be mugged for

*  Lazer pointers; used to wave off oncoming traffic
at night.

Civilain gifts:

*  T-Shirts with cartoons; shirt coloes red, green,
black preferable (their flag’s colors).

*  Soccer Balls; deflated to save on shipping cost;
include needles and/or hand pumps.

*  Schoolbags.

*  Nice pens or mechanical pencils.

*  Small jewelry."

Request for Charitable Donations for Rebuilding Efforts in Iraq by

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