R.A.M.(Real Action Marker) for Realistic Tactical CQB Training.

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by David Crane
[email protected]

Force-on-force tactical CQB training and Real Action Gaming(R.A.G.) just got bumped-up in the realism department. Asia Paintball Supply(APS)
out of Hong Kong is now marketing their Real Action Marker(R.A.M. or
RAM) here in the U.S. The mastermind behind the U.S. marketing campaign
is Harry Wong, an ex-British Army soldier who’s now an APS executive
based in Hong Kong.

From what DefRev understands, the R.A.M.
has been both a popular military/law enforcement tactical CQB training
tool and Real Action Gaming(RAG) platform for awhile in Hong Kong. What
separates the RAM from a standard paintball gun are…

its realistic appearance and handling characteristics, as well as its
unique method of operation, as far as paintball markers go.

the Real Action Marker(R.A.M.) is a CO2-powered/Nitrogen-adaptable .43
caliber(roughly 11mm) select-fire paintball marker/gun that shoots
either paintballs or rubber balls and actually ejects spent cartridge
casings out of the ejection port with each shot, just like the real
thing. This, in itself, is a pretty cool feature. It appears that the
paintballs come in the box already-seated in these cartridge casings
and are loaded into the magazine just like real bullets. DefRev
assumes(even though one should never assume anything) that the
cartridge casings can be re-used, and thus reloaded with fresh
paintballs by the operator.

The guns themselves are essentially exact replicas of real AR-15/M16-based rifles, carbines, and subcarbines. For instance, the M4 RAM (or RAM M4)
weighs in at 6.4 pounds, which is quite similar in weight to the real
thing, and virtually identical to it, at first glance. The M4 R.A.M.
pics on Asia Paintball Supply’s site should give you a good idea of
what I’m talking about. The R.A.M. is also available in RAM Commando,
RAM A2 Shorty, and RAM Match models. All models, accept for the RAM
Match, are listed at $499.00 USD on APS’s website. The RAM Match is
listed at $529.00 USD. However, in reality, they won’t cost you that

Real Action Paintball, LLC (RAP4)
offers the M4 RAM (carbine and subcarbine-length versions) and MP5 RAM
a price that’s significantly disounted from the above-listed retail
price, and they can help you set up your M4 RAM to your exact
specifications, with regard to accessories and weapon configuration.
Here are some more RAM specs: The markers are made out of a combination
of aluminum and plastic. Magazine capacity is 20 rounds. Shot rate is
adjustable from 2 to 8 rounds per second. Muzzle velocity is also
adjustable from 200 to 280 fps (feet per second). Effective range is 30
meters(100 ft) with a maximum range of 60 meters(200 ft).

to say, DefRev REALLY wants to get its hands on a couple of RAM’s,
ideally the RAM Commando model, for T&E. If they prove reliable,
accurate, and durable, I think our local South Florida SWAT/SRT teams
should be made aware of the R.A.M. as a force-on-force training option.

If you’d like to acquire your very own M4 RAM (carbine or subcarbine) or MP5 RAM for force-on-force training, you can contact Real Action Paintball, LLC (RAP4) by phone at 408-727-3144, or via email at [email protected]. Ask for KT Tran.

If you’d like to visit the Asia Paintball Supply(APS) website, just click on this link.
If you are a law enforcement or military organization you should also
visit the "military and law enforcement only page" at Asia Paintball
Supply’s site. Harry Wong can be contacted via email at [email protected], or by phone in Hong Kong at 011-852-2409-4466.

In the LE/Military arena, the Real Action Marker will be going directly up against both the CAR68 tactical training weapons made by Gun f/x Tactical Development and AT-16/AT-85 made by A.T. Systems, Inc. (ATS) a.k.a. Advanced Tactical Systems. Let’s also not forget Simunition®’s FX® marking cartridges and AirMunition
whose products enable Special Operations and LE tactical teams to
convert and use their real-world weapons as paint markers. However,
keep in mind that Simunition’s and AirMunition’s proprietary
ammunitions are highly restricted and even prohibitively expensive in
comparison to the R.A.M.’s and standard paintball ammunition.

Chinese have a saying, "May you live in interesting times." It will
indeed be very interesting to see if Asia Paintball Supply(APS) and the
Real Action Marker(R.A.M.) can effectively penetrate the civilian
paintball/Real Action Gaming(RAG) and Mil/LE and civilian tactical
training markets. We shall see.

R.A.M.(Real Action Marker) for Realistic Tactical CQB Training. by

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