Objective Force Warrior(OFW) System Soon to be Selected by U.S. Army

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According to Scott Gourley, a "Jane’s Defence Weekly" correspondent, the U.S. army is reportedly close to formally selecting the Lead Technology Integrator for the revolutionary Objective Force Warrior(OFW) system.

The goal of the OFW system appears be to greatly enhance the combat effectiveness of both individual infantry soldiers and whole squads, by utilizing lightweight integrated communications and target-identification systems, combined with enhanced armor/impact and chemical/biological protection–all in a sufficiently lightweight package. The OFW system will thus…

provide revolutionary high-speed real-time communications and target identification, as well as virtually total whole-battlefield tactical/situational awareness for , field commanders, rear commanders(i.e. generals), and intelligence agency officials monitoring battles remotely via satellite. Anyway, that’s my take on it. The Objective Force Warrior system is scheduled to be fully operational by 2008.

Click here to see a great pic of the new Objective Force Warrior(OFW) System.

For some info that’s a little more in-depth on the OFW system, click on this link. It will take you to the Natick Soldier Center’s pages on the OFW.

Clicking on this link will take you to Milbert Engineering’s website. I highly recommend visiting this site, as it shows the technology that the Objective Force Warrior will be able to utilize and put to very effective use in the future. Specifically, it shows the new technology in action.


Objective Force Warrior(OFW) System Soon to be Selected by U.S. Army by

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