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NRA Freestyle TV ‘Media Lab’ with Dom Raso, and NRA Life Of Duty TV ‘Defending Our America’ and ‘Frontline Reports’: Entertaining and Informative Pro-Freedom Programming

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By David Crane
david (at) defensereview (dot) com

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Images Credit: National Rifle Association (NRA)

June 18, 2014
Last updated on 6/19/14.

The NRA’s got a couple of new and very cool video websites/projects called NRA Freestyle TV, presented by Daniel Defense, and NRA Life of Duty (LOD) TV, presented by Brownells, and we suggest you check them out. On the NRA Freestyle site, DefenseReview (DR) friend Dom Raso has an interesting web TV series called the Media Lab, where Raso does lot’s of interesting stuff, including movie fight scene breakdowns and analyses, which include tactical analyses. While hand-to-hand military combatives are arguably the last thing you want to have to use in a fight, they’re an important and necessary skill to have in any martial education, and Raso’s a good demonstrator/instructor. On a side note, Raso’s criticism of action heros throwing their guns down is both right and funny. We’ll give you the CliffsNotes on it: Don’t throw your gun away…ever. We also enjoyed his Jack Reacher fight scene/combatives analysis, which includes a discussion of the Keysi Fighting Method.

Anyway, the latest NRA Freestyle TV Media Lab episode is Episode 7: There’s Always a Way. It’s got some god stuff in it, and could potentially help you survive a (potentially) lethal encounter on the street. Raso, by the way, is a retired U.S. Military Special Operations Forces (SOF) assaulter/operator, so he brings a lot of professional experience and wisdom to the table. DR recommends you check out all of the NRA Freestyle Media Lab episodes when you get a chance, as they’re worth watching.

NRA LOD’s TV series Defending Our America, presented by SIG SAUER, is well-produced, interesting and entertaining, as well, so check that one out, too. NRA LOD Defending Our America is available on the Sportsman Channel. The latest episode, Episode 8: We’re Not Ready, is eye-opening. Just watch the bit towards the beginning about a simulated active-shooter simulation at a school, if you want a quick scare.

NRA Life of Duty TV has also published a terrific World War II D-Day Frontlines Report tribute video called Normandy: A Hero Returns, presented by FNH USA, and hosted and commentated by Col. Oliver North. Defense Review considers this video to be required viewing for our readers, and any/all World War (WWII) buffs, or anyone who cares about freedom and liberty. The whole video is great, but DR particularly appreciated the video graphic of the Germans’ Normandy beach fortification system comprised of mines, barbed wire, machine gun and artillery cannon “pill boxes”, etc. Watching 94-year old WWII veteran and American hero Private John Perozzi (Ret.) return to the Normandy town of Sainte-Mere-Eglise is both interesting and heartwarming, especially when he’s reunited with an old woman who was an 11-year old girl at the time that he liberated her (and all of France). It’s a beautiful thing that you just have to see. The video also shows you that while the French may get a bad wrap sometimes, there are still some French people who love America and Americans, and you can definitely find a lot of them in Normandy.

DR likes what we’ve seen, so far, so keep it up NRA!

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NRA Freestyle TV ‘Media Lab’ with Dom Raso, and NRA Life Of Duty TV ‘Defending Our America’ and ‘Frontline Reports’: Entertaining and Informative Pro-Freedom Programming by

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