New Surefire E2D Defender Combat/Tactical Light for Gunfighting at Night

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by David Crane

Let me just say right off the bat that I REALLY like Surefire combat/tactical flashlights. When it comes to combat/tactical lights, Surefire knows what it’s doing. So, it was no surprise to me that they would come up with the very cool E2D Defender combat/tactical flashlight.

I’ve personally carried a Surefire E2E Executive Elite combat/tactical flashlight for the last couple of years, and it’s been a handy and trusty friend and accoutrement/accessory to my Glock 19 (G19) and Emerson Commander tactical folder. The Surefire E2E Executive Elite is so far, about as perfect a tactical flashlight (for carry) that I’ve seen and experienced so far. So, you can understand why I can’t wait to get my hands on the new Surefire E2D Defender combat/tactical light, which is…

the next and logical evolution of the Surefire Executive series.

If you are in military infantry or SPECOPS, law encorcement, or a civilian CCW, it can’t hurt to have one of these little Surefire flashlights with you at all times, even if only as a back-up/emergency light source. DefenseReview simply can’t recommend them enough. My Surefire E2E Executive Elite goes with me everywhere.

Surefire, LLC can be contacted at 714-545-9444, or toll-free at 800-828-8809.

This is what the Surefire website has to say about the E2D Defender combat/tactical flashlight:

"The Defender features:
An advanced technology Xenon lamp that produces a spot-free beam so intense it can momentarily blind an attacker (four times more lighting power than a standard two D-cell flashlight), and its crenellated Strike Bezel™ allows it to be used as a last-ditch impact weapon. Constructed from aerospace-grade aluminum coated in a super rugged military-specification finish, the pocket-size E2D Defender also features an optically-coated Pyrex® lens; high-energy, ten-year shelf-life lithium batteries; a stainless steel pocket clip, and law enforcement-style click-on/off momentary switching for blinding flashes or emergency signaling. A patented lock-out tailcap allows the light to be locked in the off position to eliminate accidental activation when stowed away."

New Surefire E2D Defender Combat/Tactical Light for Gunfighting at Night by

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