New Piston-Driven DSA Z4-GTC (Gas Trap Carbine) for Tactical Applications

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by David Crane
[email protected]

Just a quick heads-up for our readers. DSA, Inc. is offering a new short-stroke gas piston-driven AR-15/M16-based 5.56x45mm carbine called the Z4-GTC (Gas Trap Carbine). David Fortier has written an excellent and very informative article about it in January 31, 2005 issue of "Shotgun News". It’s the cover story.

Mr. Fortier’s article is the first one DefenseReview is aware of on the DSA Z4-GTC, which, we must say, looks interesting. In addition to the piston, the weapon also utilizes a…

FAL gas plug inserted into the front of the gas block. The article gun also sports a 16" fluted barrel (1:9 twist), Predator 4-sided free-floating tactical rail system which Mr. Fortier noted was not a true Mil-Std M1913 type–although Mil-Std M1913 accessories/mounts "fit normally, and securely". The article gun also utilizes Magpul Ladder rail covers/rail panels.

Fortier reports "respectable" accuracy and "excellent" reliability for the DSA Z4-GTC with various types of 5.56mm ammo, from 50-77 grains. One of the rounds he put through the weapon is the superlative Black Hills MK262 Mod 1 77-grain Sierra OTM (Open-Tip Match), which DefenseReview has mentioned in previous articles. Fortier was impressed with the MK262 Mod 1’s 2751 fps muzzle velocity out of a 16" barrel, as well as the muzzle velocity of the Hornady 62gr and 75gr TAP rounds.

Fortier also liked the Troy Industries flip-up rear back-up iron sight (BUIS), which is considered by some very knowledgable people to be the best flip-up rear sight on the market, currently.

Fortier tested the Z4-Gas Trap Carbine with both EOTech 550 Series HOLOgraphic Weapons Sight (HWS)/HOLOgraphic Diffraction Sight (HDS), Zeiss Conquest 6-24x50mm rifle scope, and Leupold’s new 1.5-5x20mm MR/T M2 tactical scope.

DefenseReview does not yet have pictures of the Z4-GTC, however we’ll post some as soon as we do.

DSA, Inc. is also now marketing a Lewis Machine and Tool Monolithic Rail Platform/Quick-Change Barrel System Close Quarters Battle (LMT MRP/QCBS CQB) 10.5"-barreled select-fire or semi-auto-only subcarbine called the DS-AR CQB MRP. It’s our understanding that DSA also offers 14.5" and 16" barreled versions of the system in both select-fire and semi-auto-only versions.

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New Piston-Driven DSA Z4-GTC (Gas Trap Carbine) for Tactical Applications by

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