New Handheld Radar System Allows Special Operators to See Through Walls.

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Time Domain Corporation
Time Domain’s RV2000 SoldierVision unit was definitely one of the most unnerving tactical products I’ve ever seen. Originally developed for use by military medical personnel in locating injured soldiers inside buildings, the system has recently been adapted for tactical use in urban combat situations. SoldierVision is basically a low-power, handheld, “ultra wideband” see-through radar surveillance device that can be used by a tactical assault team to locate and track bad guys and hostages through building walls…
The company calls this ultra wideband technology “PulseOn”. I would describe the technology as “we can see you, but you can’t see us.” The RV2000 basically allows the team to follow suspects’ movements in real time, giving the good guys a huge advantage over the badguys in a tactical engagement. The handheld radar dish connects to a laptop computer that displays the live images moving and breathing on the other side of the wall. While marveling at all the possibilities of the device, and being glad that LE operators will have a new weapon against criminals, I can only hope that this technology will be used with the appropriate amount of discretion and control by law enforcement agencies in the future. Freaky stuff.

Click on this link to visit Time Domain Corporation’s website and learn more about the technology.

New Handheld Radar System Allows Special Operators to See Through Walls. by

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