New CQD Vertical Foregrip by Duane Dieter. We’ve Got Pics!

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Duane Dieter is a well known tactical and combat instructor in both
military and LE SWAT circles. Apparently, he’s now making parts and
accessories for tactical weapons that will hold up to the pounding and
stress of CQB (Close Quarters Battle).

One of these products is his new CQD Vertical Foregrip designed to
slide onto a standard mil-spec 1913 picatinny rail system for the
M4/M4A1 Carbine. The primary factor that separates the CQD Vertical
Foregrip from the rest of the pack is the way it attaches to the bottom
rail. You can see from the pictures that the Dieter grip attaches or
"grabs" the rail instead of simply screwing in with a single screw from
the bottom.

The CQD vertical foregrip’s method of attachment, combined with it’s…

all-aluminum construction allow it to be utilized in applying Duane
Dieter’s CQD combat techniques which involve using the gun as a control
and manipulation device when lethal force is deemed

Another interesting feature of the CQD vertical foregrip is the end
cap that incorporates an o-ring for an airtight/watertight seal, which
means one can probably safely store a set of AA batteries inside it.
Also notice the Thompson machine gun-type fins on the grip for the
purpose of cooling. DefRev has not tested the Dieter CQD vertical
foregrip yet. However, based on Duane Dieter’s reputation, we’re
guessing this is one tough accessory.

DefRev would like to thank Paul Ertsgaard of Mid-South Tactical Network (MSTN)
for supplying the photos for this story. MSTN carries the Dieter CQD
vertical foregrip, and is a dealer for not only CQD products, but just
about every good thing you can imagine for any AR-15/M16-based rifle or
carbine. If you call over there, ask for either Paul or Wes (Grant).
Both men are extremely knowledgable about all things AR-15/M16/M4
related, including all the accessories that go with them. MSTN also
provides tactical training, including force-on-force training with Simunition®’s FX® marking cartridges.

Click here to see a pic of one side of the Dieter CQD vertical foregrip.

Click here to see the other side.

You may notice that the CQD vertical foregrip is attached to a Precision Reflex (PRI)
carbon fiber handguard w/aluminum rail. PRI is known for making some
pretty geat stuff themselves for AR-15/M16’s and M4/M4A1 Carbines
themselves–so you might want to check out their site. PRI was one of
the subcontractors for the original version of the SPR (Special Purpose

Simunition® and FX® are registered trademarks of SNC Technologies Inc. (SNC TEC), Canada.

New CQD Vertical Foregrip by Duane Dieter. We’ve Got Pics! by

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