Milkor MGL-MK1 40mm Multiple Grenade Launcher: The Best in the Business.

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The Milkor MGL-MK1 is the premier multiple grenade launcher of the world. Made in South Africa, the Milkor MGL gives its operator 6 rounds of 40mm low-impulse grenades at his immediate disposal, making it an extremely effective force multiplier for any special operations team. It is the preferred multiple grenade launcher of Spec-Ops and mercenary forces around the world. One of the features that makes the Milkor such an effective combat weapon is the Armson Occluded Eye Gunsight that the weapon employs. The Armson OEG makes accurate shots a snap.

For information, video, pics and specs on the Milkor MGL-MK1 on Milkor Marketing’s main site, click on this link. For another Milkor marketing page, click here.


Milkor MGL-MK1 40mm Multiple Grenade Launcher: The Best in the Business. by

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