Meet the No Contact Jacket. It’s Shockingly Fashionable.

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by David Crane

This one’s pretty cool, folks. Unfortunately for all us guys, the "No Contact" Jacket only comes in one version right now, and it’s for women.

Basically, the No Contact Jacket packs 80,000 volts of electricity, making the wearer a walking stun gun. The company calls the technology "exo-electric armor", which is basically a…

fancy name for "you don’t want any of this, badguy."

Frankly, I’d just like to have one so I could have a little fun with my friends and associates. I mean, what’s funnier than an 80,000 volt "Gotcha!"? O.k., bad, idea. I’ll stick to the old hidden handbuzzer gag.

Click here to go to the No Contact Jacket website.

Click on this link to read a "Wired News" article about the No Contact Jacket.

Meet the No Contact Jacket. It’s Shockingly Fashionable. by

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