MAXPEDITION Hard-Use Military-Spec Tactical Nylon Gear for Carrying Your Stuff

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by David Crane

MAXPEDITION is definitely a company to watch. These guys are making some really great stuff right now, and I can’t tell you how impressed I was with what I saw and handled at the MAXPEDITION booth at TREXPO West 2004. Well, maybe I can: I was extremely impressed. This was some of the best-made tactical nylon gear I’ve ever seen/handled. Very high quality.

Basically, everything at their booth looked and felt great. Before TREXPO, I had only really heard about the MAXPEDITION gear (and seen pictures of it), but I’d never actually seen or handled it in person. Boy, was I in for a pleasant surprise.

The items I spent the most time with at the MAXPEDITION booth were the backpacks. These looked really good. The MAXPEDITION Condor backpack is a…

military-style assault pack. So is the MAXPEDITION Vulture backpack, except it has a different outer pocket set-up than the Condor. Both the Condor and Vulture packs are fairly conventional in appearance, even though they have a definite military bent. The MAXPEDITION Baby Condor backpack is just what it sounds like–a smaller version of the Condor pack. The MAXPEDITION Falcon backpack and Pigmy Falcon backpack are also military style assault backpacks, but they have a narrower, more rectangular profile than the Condor and Vulture packs. The Pigmy Falcon is just a more compact version of the Falcon backpack. All MAXPEDITION backpacks feature a proprietary "snap and anchor" attachment system which allows the user to significantly expand the packs’ respective carrying capicities. All the backpacks are also compatible with most hydration systems on the market.

I also spent some time checking out the MAXPEDITION "Versipacks". I took a real close look at the Fatboy Versipack. The Fatboy is a shoulder sling pack that’s pretty interesting. However, instead of describing it, I’ll just refer our readers to the Fatboy Versipack page, which contains a link to the Fatboy Versipack brochue page, which will tell you pretty much everything you need to know about it.

The Proteus Versipack is another really cool item. It looks kind of like a mini-range bag, and it can be attached to you’re belt, or to one of MAXPEDITION’s backpacks. It can also be hand-carried or slung over your shoulder.

MAXPEDITION makes a lot of other items, and they’re all viewable on the MAXPEDITION website. Each product page contains a link to that product’s full-color brochure page. Even the MAXPEDITION brochure is well-executed and worth viewing. Needless to say, DefRev’s highly impressed with this company.

That said, DefRev doesn’t yet know how well the MAXPEDITION gear will stand up to hard-use, particularly over time, but we’re guessing pretty well. We’ve already heard some good things about it in that regard. If we get a chance to T&E some of it, we’ll write about it in a follow-up article.

In the meantime, DefRev would like to thank MAXPEDITION representative Tim C. Tang for taking the time to speak with us and assist us at their booth. He did an excellent job over there. Tim can be reached directly via email at

If you’re currently looking for some high-quality hard-use tactical nylon gear for carrying all your stuff, you should probably give these guys a call. MAXPEDITION can be contacted by phone at 310-784-0731, or via email at

Click here to view some great pics of the MAXPEDITION Fatboy Versipack, provided by "Skunkabilly" from "Skunkabilly" also provided pics of the MAXPEDITION H-1 Waistpack in another thread.

Click here to read some quick comments about the MAXPEDITION MPB (Multi-Purpose Bag) and Proteus by "Manitou" from

MAXPEDITION Hard-Use Military-Spec Tactical Nylon Gear for Carrying Your Stuff by

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