Le Mas Ltd. Blended Metal Technology Ammo vs. ADS Transparent Armor: AFJI Video!

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by David Crane

For the last couple of years, Le Mas Ltd. has been pitting their "Blended Metal Technology" ammo (made specifically for them by RBCD Performance Plus, Inc.) against American Defense Systems, Inc. (ADS)/A.J. Piscitelli & Associates, Inc.’s "VistaSteel" bullet-resistant glass, which is manufactured for them by Cardinal LG. Both companies have been engaging in this match-up at AFJI’s (Armed Forces Journal International) annual small arms "Shoot-Out". This annual competition has apparently led to constant product improvements on both sides that keep both companies on the cutting edge of their respective technologies.

A couple of weeks ago, I spoke with Stan Bulmer of LeMas Ltd., several times, and came away from those conversations extremely impressed. DefRev is always interested in technologically advanced ammunition that can penetrate either body armor or hard armor targets, and still get the job done on the other side of the barrier. As the reader may or may not be aware, many criminals and criminal organizations are now…

taking advantage of the latest body armor and vehicle hard armor technologies. That’s why it behooves both law enforcement (LE) and civilian CCW’s (i.e. private citizens with concealed carry licenses) to acquire this kind of ammunition if they can. It doesn’t do a police officer or law abiding citizen with a CCW (concealed carry permit) any good to carry a pistol or keep an emergency "homeland security" rifle in their car if they can’t effectively use that pistol or rifle to shoot through the badguy’s body armor or vehicle windows and doors.

Basically, police and CCW civilians need pistol ammo that will defeat the latest bullet-resistant vests/body armor and deploy properly in soft tissue. They also need rifle ammo that will penetrate the latest vehicle hard armor protection technologies and effectively deploy inside the target sitting inside. I see both police officers and citizen CCW’s as having an equal need for this special purpose ammo, post 9/11. We’re living in a different time now, and we need both police AND CCW civilians to be equipped with the latest weapon and ammunition technology, so they can effectively engage immediate and dangerous threats IMMEDIATELY, i.e. AS SOON AS they arise. The police simply cannot handle this task by themselves as, most of the time, they will not be there when the violence starts, or in time to positively affect the outcome before innocent people are severely injured or killed. That’s why it’s up to licensed CCW civilians to help law enforcement officers with this task.

DefRev would very much like to test the Le Mas/RBCD 9mm LE-H SPLP (Special Purpose Limited Penetration) BMT rounds. We would also like to test both the .45 ACP and 9x23mm caliber versions of the LE-H SPLP BMT round. We’re also anxious to check out (first hand) the LeMas Ltd./RBCD APLP (Armor Piercing Limited Penetration) BMT and HARPP (Hardened ARmor Penetration Priority) ammo. The HARPP ammo is intended for those situations where you need the highest possible degree of hard armor penetration.

LeMas Ltd./RBCD "Blended Metal Technology (BMT)" ammo is currently only available to verified and authorized military and law enforcement personnel for official use. If you are Mil/LE, and would like to learn more about or acquire some of the most advanced special-purpose ammunition currently being made, you can contact Stan Bulmer by phone at 509-951-4968, or via email at VMOMAX@LeMasLTD.com. You can also contact Stan’s associate, John Hamilton, by phone at 501-960-5847, or via email at VNE@LeMasLtd.com. If you or organization have specific ammunition performance needs that your current ammunition can’t solve, DefRev is confident that the boys at Le Mas can change all that.

If you would like to find out more about, or acquire, the most advanced bullet-resistant glass currently out there, you can contact American Defense Systems, Inc. (ADS)/A.J. Piscitelli & Associates, Inc. by phone at 516-992-5054 or via email at WRECKDVR@OPTONLINE.NET. DefRev has not yet spoken with the folks at American Defense Systems, Inc. (ADS)/A.J. Piscitelli & Associates, but we plan on doing so, soon.

To read more about the LeMas Ltd./RBCD ammo vs. American Defense Systems, Inc. (ADS)/A.J. Piscitelli & Associates, Inc.’s "VistaSteel" bullet-resistant glass technology face-off, DefRev advises you to read AFJI’s excellent "Glass Challenge" article. This article is great reading and very informative regarding Le Mas Ltd.’s and ADS’ products. DefRev highly recommends this article.

Click here to go to LeMas Ltd.’s "Fact or Fiction" page. This page contains links that will teach you all about the capabilities of their "Blended Metal Technology (BMT)" ammo.

You can read Le Mas Ltd.’s extensive and entertaining rebuttal to Dr. Gary Roberts’ report on the LeMas Blended Metal Technology (BMT) ammo, by clicking here. Some of you may recognize Dr. Gary Roberts as "DocGKR" on TacticalForums.com. Gary is a moderator for their "Terminal Effects Forum", and TacticalForums.com’s resident "guru" on ammunition and ballistics. LeMas has provided lots of great pics to go along with their rebuttal to Dr. Roberts.

DefRev has received it on HIGH AUTHORITY that the Blended Metal Technology (BMT) SPLP (Special Purpose Limited Penetration) ammo performance on live tissue is FAR different than its observed performance in calibrated 10% ballistic gelatin. Basically, the LeMas/RBCD "Blended Metal Technology (BMT)" SPLP (Special Purpose Limited Penetration) ammunition’s performance is simply not comparable between the two mediums (live tissue vs. 10% ballistic gelatin). A primary factor in this regard is the much lower temparature (degrees F) of 10% ballistic gelatin compared to that of living human or animal tissue.

Calibrated 10% ballistic gelatin literally pulls heat away from the Blended Metal Technology (BMT) bullet as the bullet passes through it. This results in the BMT bullet remaining intact, and not going frangible like it would in living tissue. Live/living tissue, with its much higher temparature, has a totally different effect on the Le Mas/RBCD BMT rounds. A living body’s heat is the necessary mechanism for the LeMas/RBCD Blended Metal Technology (BMT) SPLP bullet to deploy as it was designed to do.

You can watch AFJI’s video on the Le Mas Ltd./RBCD Performance Plus, Inc. "Blended Metal Technology (BMT)" ammo by clicking on this link. We highly recommend that you watch this video. Very informative. You will need Windows Media Player to view it.

If you’d like to watch AFJI’s (Armed Forces Journal International) video footage of the LeMas Ltd./RBCD Performance Plus, Inc. "Blended Metal Technology (BMT)" ammo vs. American Defense Systems, Inc. (ADS)/A.J. Piscitelli & Associates, Inc. "VistaSteel" bullet-resistant glass match-up, click on this link.

Click here to visit the A.J. Piscitelli & Associates (American Defense Systems, Inc.) page at the American Glazing Council’s website. If you’d like to visit the American Glazing council’s mainpage, click here.

Le Mas Ltd. Blended Metal Technology Ammo vs. ADS Transparent Armor: AFJI Video! by

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