Highly-Trained Prior Military and Experienced PSD Wanted for Various Assignments

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by David Crane

The following is an official Triple Canopy recruitment announcement for close protection and intel assignments with a major government contractor. Triple Canopy, a Virginia-based Private Security Company (PSC), is currently looking for individuals with experience in PSD, OSS, ALSS, Intel, & Armorers. Previous deployments, especially in Iraq, Afghanistan, Israel, & Haiti, are a plus. U.S. military Special Operations personnel/support/assets should apply. Active PSD/Security Operators with Tier One unit backgrounds who are already deployed with other PSCs are eligible, once their current deployment contracts expire.   This is an overseas deployment/employment opportunity:

Quiet Professionals Wanted

When hiring for operational positions, Triple Canopy sets the highest standards in the industry. New opportunities are frequently available and only the most qualified applicants are selected.

We require strong performance on the job, maturity, teamwork and a constant focus on safety and customer care. We provide…

outstanding training, excellent equipment, competitive pay and regular access to e-mail and telephones during deployments. Operational deployments normally range from 90-120 days and breaks are usually 30 days in duration.

Our comprehensive benefits package includes:

 Defense Base Act insurance for U.S. government contracts

 Foreign Voluntary Worker’s Compensation insurance for commercial contracts

 employer match for FICA, FUTA, SUTA and Medicaid taxes

 401(k) program

Current Operational Openings:

 Security Section Lead/Trainer

 Security Shift Lead

 Protective Security Specialist (PSD)

 Protective Security Specialist/Designated Defensive Marksman

 Protective Security Specialist/Emergency Medical Technician-Intermediate

 Protective Security Specialist/Senior Guard Shift Supervisor

 Shift Leader

Send resumes or contact information to recruiting05@TripleCanopy.com
Triple Canopy, Inc.
2250 Corporate Park Drive, Suite 300
Herndon VA 20171

Highly-Trained Prior Military and Experienced PSD Wanted for Various Assignments by

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