Have Submachineguns become Obsolete? Enter the .300 Whisper.

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The answer to the special operations community’s prayers may exist in the .300 Whisper cartridge by SSK Industries.

Invented by J.D. Jones, the .300 Whisper utilizes a very heavy .30 caliber rifle round combined with a shortened case. According to Mr. Jones, "the 300 WHISPER was designed for the purpose of firing extremely heavy, accurate, ballistically efficient bullets at sub-sonic velocities and is now the state of the art long range cartridge in suppressed weapons. It delivers more energy more accurately than any existing sub-sonic round at 200 yards {and a lot further} (except other WHISPERS). In addition, it has interesting sonic capabilities – possessing greater versatility than any other cartridge capable of performing in these vastly differing arenas."

Rumor has it that Jones really created the Whisper for military and law enforcement operators who needed a round that would retain a whole bunch of energy at subsonic velocity, and deliver a level of ballistics much greater than previously possible with suppressed 5.56 or 9mm rounds. However, J.D. maintains that recreation was as big a part of its raison d’etre, as CQB(close quarters battle). The Whisper has indeed become popular with hunters, due to it’s light recoil and noise, and solid terminal ballistics on game.

A number of governmental agencies, military units and police departments are currently using the the .300 Whisper, combined with an AR-15/M16 carbine platform and suppressor, for operations that, in the past, would have been handled with MP-5’s, to much lesser effect.

For much more specific information on the .300 Whisper,

If you want to read the history of the .300 Whisper’s development, CLICK HERE

Click here to visite SSK Industries’ site.


Have Submachineguns become Obsolete? Enter the .300 Whisper. by

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