GunSafe iPhone App for Gun Owners and Collectors: Store and Archive All Your Weapons’ Data/Information Virtually and Securely

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By David Crane
defrev (at) gmail (dot) com

November 15, 2010

DefenseReview (DR) recently started using a cool and useful iPhone app designed specifically for firearms owners and collectors. It’s called GunSafe, and it was designed and developed by Ryan Kirkman of JK Supply Co. (Ione, CA). JK Supply Co. is a small yet great tactical firearms dealer/FFL that’s very popular with both LEO’s (Law Enforcement Officers) and civilian tactical shooters in the area’s surrounding Ione, including the Sacramento area, since they engage in good business practices and carry the latest and greatest tactical firearms, including, but certainly not limited to, the latest tactical gas piston/op-rod and direct-gas-impingement (DGI) AR (AR-15) rifles and tactical pistols.

GunSafe allows you to securely load, store, and categorize information on every firearm they own. You can load the weapon’s make, model, serial number, purchase/transfer location, date of purchase/transfer, purchase price, and provide notes on it. You can also store a photo of the weapon. The info is kept secure via a 4-digit unlocking protocol required to enter the app and access the data/info (thus the “safe” part). GunSafe also allows you to email this information to yourself or someone else (like the police, in case of a theft, for example) in a comma-separated values a.k.a. character-separated values (CSV) file format. A CSV file is a simple text format for a database table, so the information is presented in a simple, low-bandwidth text table form that’s easy to read.

I’ve been using Gun Safe for the last few months on my personal iPhone, and I’ve found it to be a very useful tool for storing all of our firearms data and keeping it handy. It’s nice having all that data right there at my fingertips and available at a moment’s notice, yet simultaneously secure. It’s also nice to be able to email that info instantly to myself or another party, if necessary. The only info not included in the CSV file are the photos, but since they’re already stored on my iPhone, they’re already stored separately and I can email them individually, as necessary.

DR enjoys using GunSafe, and we like and appreciate the peace of mind it provides. If I need to look up any of my weapons’ serial numbers or any/all other info that GunSafe allows me to store, I can do so immediately with a few simple button pushes. I can also add new firearms to the file quickly and easily. I also really like the “Notes” feature, which allows me to store any additional or anecdotal info I can think of about a particular firearm. Bottom line, we’ think GunSafe is a great app for gun owners and collectors, and we recommend it to our readers.

Using your iPhone, you can currently purchase Gunsafe from the iPhone App Store and download it (directly to your iPhone) for $4.99. If you have any questions about GunSafe before purchasing it, we’d advise you to call or email JK Supply.

Visit Gunsafe’s Facebook page.

JK Supply Co. is currently developing a new website, so it’s still under construction.

Company Contact Info:

Ryan and Julie Kirkman
JK Supply Co.
PO Box 4076
Ione, CA 95640
Phone: 209.274.2383

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GunSafe iPhone App for Gun Owners and Collectors: Store and Archive All Your Weapons’ Data/Information Virtually and Securely by

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