Garmin Rino 130 GPS-Integrated FRS/GMRS Radio

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by David Crane

Saw this one on a show about forest firefighters, and thought it might make a workable and inexpensive back-up/alternative for U.S. military Special Operations forces if their primary GPS (Global Positioning System) and/or radio went down. Of course, the unit would have to be customized/modified for these units to provide secure channels with scrambling for that kind of use.

It’s called the Garmin Rino 130 GPS-Integrated FRS/GMRS Radio, and it’s a pretty neat piece of kit. It’s a combo GPS/walkie-talkie. For military application, all they would have to do (in addition to adding secure channels with scrambling) is program in the appropriate regional topography/map data where the team would be operating. For all DefRev knows, Garmin has already created a…

militarized version of this unit with modifications I’m describing, perhaps at the U.S. military’s request. I’ll have to call them up and ask them about it.

The reason I suggest a militarized Garmin Rino 130 GPS/Radio unit as a possible option/alternative for U.S. military Spec-Ops use is that the standard military (mil-spec) units are usually larger, heavier, and MUCH more expensive than Garmin civilian units. Militarizing the Garmin Rino 130 might prove to be a relatively inexpensive alternative. It’s important to note that this is just an idea. Just a little "outside the box" thinking, if you will. DefRev doesn’t know if this would actually be a workable option for U.S. military Special Operations forces, or not. My guess, however, is that it would be , provided the Garmin unit could be customized/modified as described above.

If you have questions about the Garmin Rino 130 GPS-Integrated FRS/GMRS Radio, you can contact the company at 913-397-8200.

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