Firearms Training Manual

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The May/June issue of Police Marksman has an article by Rich Grassi on the MLEFI&AA firearms training manual. The 2 year project contains 200 courses of fire for all types of police
service weapons and has 400+ pages.

The courses were submitted from various
police firearms instructors from across the country. L.E. agencies from 50
states including 30+ state or regional training academies , US Border Patrol (CA), US Customs (FL & IN), USAF Security Police (NM), US Postal Police (IL), US Marshal’s Service (IN), US Postal Inspectors (AZ), US Fish and Wildlife Service HQ, US Special Forces (NC), Guam and 8 foreign countries (Canada, Argentina, Italy, Switzerland, Belgium, New Zealand, Australia and Sweden)
have purchased the manual.

S&W Academy, Sigarms Academy and the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center also have copies of the manual. It was recently approved by the Massachusetts Criminal Justice Training Council for use by police departments in our state.

If you would like further info on the manual, please reply to this e-mail:

I can send you a copy of a recent
article on the manual by snail mail. Please include mailing address. We
accept department purchase orders for the manuals. I make no money off the
sale of the manual. What profit is made goes to our state association for
various projects including an annual training conference.

Joe Picariello
Massachusetts Law Enforcement Firearms Instructors’ and Armorers’
Association manual editor

Below are some comments about the manual:

I purchased a manual on blind faith after a couple of conversations with
Joe. When the manual arrived, It was so comprehensive that I was not able
to give it a thorough once over until this week. I am pleased that the
manual is so in-depth and covers such a broad spectrum of courses. I fully
endorse Joe Picariello and his crew for a job well done. If you haven’t
bought one yet, do it soon.

Bruce Bombeck
Nebraska Law Enforcement Training Center
3600 N Academy Rd
Grand Island, NE 68801


Not to long ago I purchased an excellent manual which contains over 200
different courses of fire. I am more than satisfied with the manual, at
first when I ordered it, I thought that the manual would have been less
than an inch thick but when I saw the content and the size I could not
believe how complete it was. All firearms instructors should have this
special tool, it sure gives out allot of different ideas on how to set
up different courses of fire (its also illustrated).
The manual was well edited by Joe Picariello ( and
is available from MLEFI&AA, PO Box 6381, Holliston, MA 01786. For more
inf. you can contact Mr. Al Bolduc at

Again congratulations guys for a great manual.

Claude Brunette
Ottawa, Ontario


I couldn’t agree more with Claude’s endorsement. Joe’s manual is excellent.
I have used it for information on courses as well as justification for
for increases in time/ammo. Best resource concerning courses of fire that I
have ever seen!
Thanks Joe.
Respectfully submitted
Alex Ragulsky (Sgt. Louisville Colorado P.D.)

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