DSA SA58 .308 Tactical Carbine with DuraCoat Pixelated Camo Patterns

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by David Crane

DSA Inc. is currently producing some really terrific FAL-based .308/7.62x51mm and AR-15/M16-based .223/5.56x45mm tactical/Homeland Defense rifles, carbines, and subcarbines. DefRev has already published short articles on both types. Our first article that discussed their SA58 (FAL) tactical carbines and subcarines was published in October, 2001. It’s titled "DSA Inc. SA58 .308 Battle Carbines and Subcarbines at TREXPO East 2001".

DefRev’s article on DSA’s DS-AR Professional Grade AR-15/M16-based carbines and rifles, published in February, 2004, discussed DSA Inc.’s auspicious entry into the highly competitive AR-15/M16-based 5.56x45mm rifle/carbine field. That story is titled "New DS-AR Professional Grade AR-15/M16-Style Carbines and Rifles from DSA Inc".

Well, DSA Inc. has just come out with new…

pixelated camo patterns for their SA58 tactical carbine/Homeland Defense carbine (.308). The new pixelated camo pattern is a DuraCoat finish, called "Wilderness MirageFlage". You can see the new finish, here. "Wilderness MirageFlage" isn’t the only DuraCoat firearms finish available for your SA58 FAL .308 Homeland Defense carbine. DSA now offers a rather dizzying array of new (DuraCoat) camo patterns, as well as solid colors. DuraCoat is a proprietary corrosion-resistant firearms finish owned and applied by Lauer Custom Weaponry (LCW).

Click here to read DefRev’s previous article about the DuraCoat firearms finish.

DSA SA58 .308 Tactical Carbine with DuraCoat Pixelated Camo Patterns by

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