DR Discovers Digital Army News (DAN), and We Dig It

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By David Crane
david (at) defensereview (dot) com

November 25, 2020

Since the Drudge Report and Fox News Channel (FNC) have gone to the anti-Trump, anti-America dark side, FNC continues to CRATER, and Big Tech’s gone into almost full-censorship mode, it’s getting more and more challenging to find REAL news (general, political, health, etc.) sources that you can trust, that have an America-first conservative approach, and that’ll still be there in the morning when you go for your morning (or evening) dose of the latest news events that actually occurred.

That’s why DefenseReview’s (DR) really glad we just came across Digital Army News, or “DAN” for short–and how we came across them is interesting. We actually found them during a DR web traffic analysis. Turns out, they’ve generously put a link to DR in their red, i.e., trusted news “Websites” section, which we appreciate, and that link’s apparently sending people from there, over to here…and we dig that.

Anyway, so far, we’re really enjoying the experience over there. Digital Army News (DAN) is essentially a pro-Trump, pro-America, conservative alternative to the Drudge Report, which, let’s face it, is a very welcome relief, and service. Actually, DAN’s better than Drudge EVER was, since DAN’s news links also take you to honest alternative, non-mainstream news sources consisting of trustworthy, patriotic citizen journalists and publishers with online publications, YouTube channels, and social media accounts, all OUTSIDE the legacy corporate globalist media cabal that’s corrupt to the core.

Basically, Digital Army News just made it A LOT easier for us to get all the important news we’re looking for every day, and do it very quickly. It’s pretty great. So, we’re recommending it to our readers.

DR Discovers Digital Army News (DAN), and We Dig It by

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