D&L Sports MR-30 PG Rifle. Is this the Best .308 Tactical Rifle on the Planet?

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The MR-30 PG, or Marksman’s Rifle- .30 Caliber – Professional Grade, by D&L Sports, represents a quantum leap ahead of what’s currently in the hands of most tactical snipers today, and just may be the best .308 tactical rifle in the world.

Dave Lauck, owner of D&L Sports, created this rifle for the most discriminating professional. The MR-30 PG rifle system is built on an alloy rail stock, and is normally completed on a new, customer supplied Remington 700, 40X, or a Nesika Bay action in the caliber of choice. The Nesika Bay action is the most highly recommended. A precision Hart 416 barrel comes standard.

The MR-30 PG does not utilize a magazine feed system. Instead, it follows the "Shoot One, Load One" philosophy, as a single shot rifle. This set up enhances rigidity and accuracy, as well as reliability. A single shot rifle precludes malfunctions in the field. Even though it’s a single shot, the MR30PG rifle is fast from shot to shot. How fast? Let’s just say it’s fast enough to have already won first place in the Tactical Marksman Match, the Carlos Hathcock Shootoff, and the Golden Egg Shoot.

A thumbhole stock with 1911 style grip, makes for a very ergonomic and comfortable grip. A neat feature for right handed shooters is the availability of a left-handed action. This allows for a righty to work the action with his or her left hand and reload the rifle while it remains against the shoulder.

The system is available in several calibers, including .308 Winchester, .300 Win. Mag., and .300 Rem. Ultra Mag. .308 Winchester is the most popular caliber, due to logistical considerations for most tactical operators. The average weight for the whole system is anywhere between 18 to 27 lbs.

To visit D&L Sports site, and learn more about the MR-30 PG, just CLICK HERE.

D&L Sports MR-30 PG Rifle. Is this the Best .308 Tactical Rifle on the Planet? by

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