Claroxan Vision Enhancement Supplements: Better Vision for Shooters.

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by David Crane

Since it’s difficult to shoot what you can’t see, we thought we would bring these two products to our members’ and readers’ attention. They’re called Claroxan Original Blend and Claroxan NVS (Night Vision Supplement), and they’re brought to you by Turner Cadmoor Health and International Alliance, Inc. According to what we’ve read so far, Claroxan Original Blend has proven in clinical studies to "improve eyesight and prevent age-related vision loss". Using the product for 3 months will apparently increase your…

long-range focus and depth clarity (Sounds like a good product for long-range interdiction specialists, i.e. snipers.).

Claroxan NVS provides all the benefits of Claroxan Original Blend, while improving your night vision as well. It accomplishes this by repairing macular cells. Lutein and zeaxanthin are the chemicals that perform this function.
Claroxan literature states: "Claroxan™ is made with pure botanical extract ingredients imported from Canada and England. The product used to be privately manufactured by the Turner Family in Northern British Columbia. The new formulas use the same all natural ingredients (lutein, zeaxanthin, and bilberry) with added vitamins A, E, and beta carotene. All ingredients are completely natural and toxin free. For a complete breakdown of all ingredients, see bottle label, or contact
1 877 677 EYES.

There are no known or reported side effects from using Claroxan™. We also know of no interactions with other medications. But, before combining with other medications we always advise that you consult your physician."

This is an interesting product. If you’re looking to improve your eyesight, Claroxan is definitely worth checking out.

You can purchase Claroxan Original Blend and/or Claroxan NVS (Night Vision Formula) by phone at 877-677-EYES (3937), or directly off the Claroxan Order Page by clicking here.

Click here to read the Claroxan FAQ.

Claroxan Vision Enhancement Supplements: Better Vision for Shooters. by

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