Combatives Training

After Action Report (AAR) for GREEN OPS 2 Day Advanced Covert Carry Concepts Combat/Tactical Pistol Shooting Course: Faster Draw, and Faster Hits!

By JB Photo(s) Credit: Green Ops December 5, 2018 I recently took the Advanced Covert Carry Concepts class with Lead Instructor Mike Green from October 6- 7th (2018.), and am very glad I did. Mike has a great background, and we share some mutual friends, so I was excited to train with him. Mike has a significant background in special …

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Kyle DeFoor Proformance Shooting/Sayoc Tactical Group (STG) Integrated/Integrative Combatives Course with Combat/Tactical Pistol and Edged Weapons Combatives: After-Action Report (AAR)!

By JB Photo(s) Credit: JB January 25, 2016 I recently attended a 5-Day Integrated/Integrative Combatives course that was taught by Kyle Defoor of Defoor Proformance Shooting and Tuhon Tom Kier of Sayoc Tactical Group (STG). I wanted to share this AAR with the shooting community because I thought it was incredibly valuable training and relevant based on current events. I’ve …

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