BHI SOPMOD AK: Modernized AKM/Kalashnikov for SPECOPS and PSD/Security Operators

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by David Crane
david (at) defensereview (dot) com

May 19, 2006

In our article Defrev Quick Hits 4 from SHOT Show 2006: More Tactical Goodies, we included information about the SOPMOD AK, a modernized AKM/Kalashnikov rifle/carbine with 4-sided/quad-rail Mil-Std-1913 rail system/forend rail tube.  This weapons package will soon be offered by Blackheart International, L.L.C. (BHI), which looked like a pretty slick package. As we noted in that piece, we weren’t the only ones who thought so. Some U.S. military Special Operations boys also seemed to like what they saw at the BHI booth.

The SOPMOD AK looks like an effective solution for U.S. military Special Operations (SPECOPS) personnel and PSD/Security Operators working for private military companies/private security companies (PMC/PSC) who either need or prefer an AKM/Kalashnikov-platform shoulder weapon/long gun that can still accept all of their favorite tactical accessories (optical sights, lasers, tactical white lights, vertical foregrips, etc.) and simultaneously allow them to utilize all of that 7.62x39mm ammo lying around the Sandbox (a.k.a. theater of operations).  It would also appear to be a great choice for civilian AKM/Kalashnikov enthusiasts.  It’s DefenseReview’s understanding that the SOPMOD AK will be available in both select-fire (full-auto/Class III) and semi-auto-only variants for military/law enforcement (Mil/LE) and civilian customers, respectively.

Anyway, as it happens, while we were at the Blackheart International booth, we picked up a little info sheet on the BHI SOPMOD AK rifle/carbine.  We will now share it with our readers. Here are the pics (Click on photos to view them full-size.):…

DefRev’s going to try to obtain some action photos and video footage of the BHI SOPMOD AK AKM/Kalasknikov rifle/carbine being fired.  If we’re successful in this endeavor, we’ll post whatever we get.

You can contact Blackheart International, LLC (BHI) by phone at 304-457-1280, by fax at 304-4571281, and by email at Ask for Jason Larimore. You can contact Mr. Larimore directly via email at

BHI SOPMOD AK: Modernized AKM/Kalashnikov for SPECOPS and PSD/Security Operators by

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