Attack on America: Letter from the Editor

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We would like to thank our members and visitors for your continued patience. Defense Review will have new content very shortly. The events and effects of September 11th are, frankly, all that matter to us at the moment, and have therefore caused further delays. This is, hands down, the worst tragedy this country has ever suffered at the hands of a foreign enemy, in my lifetime. I would like to say, for all of us at Defense Review, that our prayers, our hearts, and our hopes are with the people who have been killed and with those that may still be trapped alive in the rubble of the World Trade Center and the Pentagon. We also pray for their families. We are so sorry for your loss.

As I write this, I cannot keep from welling up. The emotions are overwhelming, and we must focus them into a united purpose to avenge the dead and injured, and their families, as well as our country. However, more important than vengeance, is the practical need to permanently rid the earth of the vast terrorist network that is so hell bent on our destruction. We must obliterate this network completely, in order to stop it forever, so it cannot come back and hit us even harder the next time.

Next time, we could face a biological or nuclear attack that kills hundreds of thousands, or even millions, instead of five or ten thousand. That is not an exxageration or paranoia. It is a very possible reality in the not too distant future. Our enemies in the arab/islamic world are feverishly working to obtain and refine these weapons for future use against us. According to former Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu, these fanatics actually wish to turn back the clock on history, and bring the west(which the United States represents) to its knees, so that the arab/islamic world can rise back to power. We cannot let this happen.

On a personal note, I am very thankful that we have George W. Bush in the White House right now. I actually helped put him there by voting for him in Dade County. I have complete faith in him. Now that he has declared war on those who would endeavor to destroy us, I am confident that he has the wherewithall and resolve to deal with this most serious threat to our country. We are united behind him.

To those who organized the attack, and to anyone harboring or supporting those involved, you had better watch out. We are coming for you. You have awoken the sleeping giant, and he is very angry.

God Bless America.

David Crane


Attack on America: Letter from the Editor by

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