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Advanced Ergonomic Carbine Stocks for Your AR-15/M16-based Carbine/Subcarbine.

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Speaking of "S.W.A.T. Magazine", Pat Rogers (a.k.a. Patrick A. Rogers) wrote an excellent and highly informative article titled "Ergonomic Carbine Stocks: New Choices for the Serious Shooter" in the December 2003 issue about three high-end buttstock systems (2 collapsible/telescoping, 1 fixed) for for AR-15/M16-based carbines, i.e. the M4 Carbine. They are the SULLY Stock, VLTOR Modstock (both Standard and Clubfoot), and Magpul M93A Modular Stock System. These buttsstocks would also probably make worthy additions to SOPMOD-style CQB subcarbines.

Here are the links to the various pages of the article, which is provided by Defensive Edge Training & Consulting, Inc.: Page 1, Page 2, Page 3, Page 4, Page 5, Page 6.

DefRev highly recommends that you…

read it, especially if you have any interest in AR-15/M16 Carbines/Subcarbines whatsoever.

By the way, Patrick A. Rogers is a retired Marine. He’s also a highly respected and capable tactical instructor, and has taught at Gunsite. Word on the street is that he really knows his stuff. Mr. Rogers owns is own tactical training company called EAG Tactical Training. You can reach EAG at 718-273-0953. You can contact Pat Rogers via email at [email protected].

Advanced Ergonomic Carbine Stocks for Your AR-15/M16-based Carbine/Subcarbine. by

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