ADCO V-22 Conversion Kit for Inexpensive Practice with Your AR-15/M16 or M4

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by David Crane

ADCO Sales Inc. is now offering a .22 LR (Long Rifle) conversion kit/upper receiver assembly for AR-15/M16-based rifles carbines. The ADCO V-22 conversion upper, manufactured by CZ Strojirna s.r.o. (located in the city of Strakonice, Czech republic.), allows you to quickly convert any AR-15/M16-based rifle or carbine to .22 LR for cheap practicing and training.

Magazine capacity is 10 rounds, and the mags are constructed out of polymer. If you’d like to read a full review of the ADCO V-22 .22 LR conversion kit/upper receiver assembly, DefenseReview recommends that you…

pick up a copy of the November 2004 issue of "Gun World" Magazine (edited by Jan Libourel). Dave Workman’s written a very informative article on the ADCO V-22 .22 LR conversion kit/replacement upper receiver assembly. In the piece, Dave also mentions/discusses the ADCO Square-Shooter II red dot sight.

So, if you need to hone up on your AR-15/M16 rifle/carbine skills, the ADCO V-22 .22 LR conversion kit may just be worth taking a serious look at.

You can contact ADCO Sales Inc. by phone at 781-935-1799, or toll free at 800-775-3687, for more V-22 information, including pricing and availability info.

Click here to read page one of an informative and detailed article on the .22 LR V-22 AR-15/M16 conversion kit (when it was still marketed by Victor Arms). Click here to read page 2 of the same article. The article is written by Charlie Cutshaw, and it’s titled "Victor Arms V-22 Conversion". The article first appeared in the October 2001 issue of "Guns" Magazine.

If you would like to subscribe to "Gun World" Magazine, you can contact them at 714/693-1866, or toll-free at 800-883-8851. Or, you can just click on this link.

ADCO V-22 Conversion Kit for Inexpensive Practice with Your AR-15/M16 or M4 by

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