AcuFlex AF-1 Recoil Control System for Pre-Ban Rifles and Machine Guns.

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by David Crane

Almost forgot about this one: GPJ (Gary Paul Johnston) also reviewed the AcuFlex AF-1 side-folding, telescoping buttstock, which is manufactured by Inland Enterprises, Inc., a.k.a. the AcuFlex "Recoil Control System".

The AcuFlex AF-1 Recoil Control System was invented by John Kimball as a recoil control/mitigation device for assault and battle rifles. It can be used on…

the Ruger Mini-14/AC556, AR-15/M16 rifles and carbines, and M14/M1A’s.

According to the company, the AcuFlex AF-1 Recoil Control System mitigates recoil via a "patent pending and highly unique spring-actuated piston housed in the buttstock to counteract the recoil and fast muzzle rise experienced in a rapid-fire, semi-automatic and full-automatic weapon firing.
The AcuFlex dampens the recoil action, delivering a smooth recoil response and improving overall accuracy of the weapon."

Basically, this is a fancy way of describing what appears to be a fairly simple pivoting mechanism. Upon recoil, the rear portion of the buttstock toggles downward about 1/2". This causes the rear portion of the weapon to rise an equal amount as the muzzle during the recoil stroke. This action effectively counters the muzzle rise, reducing it by up to 60%.

If you own a pre-ban Ruger Mini-14(or legal full-auto AC556) or pre-ban AR-15 or CAR-15/M4 wannabe, you might want to consider the AcuFlex AF-1 recoil mitigation device/telescoping buttstock as a possible accessory.

The primary question DefRev has about the AcuFlex is how reliable/durable it is under combat field conditions, particularly over the long term and after firing many thousands of rounds. We have no reason to doubt the unit’s durability, but it is brand new, and not yet battle-proven.

If you’d like to try out (i.e. purchase) an AcuFlex AF-1 Recoil Control System, or inquire about one, for your favorite 5.56 rifle/carbine, you can contact Inland Enterprises, Inc. by phone at 406-295-5162. There are two guys you can contact via email, Bruce Weatherby and Don Weatherby.

You can also visit the Inland Enterprises, Inc. website by clicking on this link.

You can read GPJ’s review of the AcuFlex Recoil Control System in the "Proving Ground" section of the October 2003 issue of "Soldier of Fortune" magazine.

AcuFlex AF-1 Recoil Control System for Pre-Ban Rifles and Machine Guns. by

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